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APCO-X Fresh-Aire UV, a leading manufacturer of indoor air quality (IAQ) products, has added the APCO-X to its APCO product line of combination ultraviolet (UV) technology and activated carbon media catalyst air treatment for HVAC systems. 


The APCO-X continues the performance tradition of the original APCO, which won the AHR Innovation Award's IAQ category in 2011 and is currently the HVAC industry's most advanced combination UV/activated carbon media air treatment system. It's UL 2998-validated as zero-ozone producing. APCO-X offers many enhancements including a longer (three-year) UV lamp lifecycle for cutting-edge, airstream, evaporator coil, drain pan and interior air handling unit (AHU) disinfection. APCO-X also features a redesigned V-Twin Cell Matrix incorporating lifetime ceramic cells infused with Fresh-Aire UV's new proprietary Carbon Catalyst for enhanced IAQ performance and a 65 percent increase in adsorption surface area compared to the original APCO system. The substrate's catalyst agent treatment also prevents potential microbial growth. Like the original APCO system, APCO-X comes with a lifetime warranty.


Other improvements include a multi-directional polycarbonate housing and an LED status display for operational status and notifications. APCO-X is a direct drop-in replacement for original APCO owners who want to upgrade to longer UV lamp life, better performance and increased VOC adsorption capabilities.  


APCO-X is available as a plenum installation with a second remote three-year lamp for additional coil disinfection. Voltage options include 24 to 32V low voltage or a 110 to 277V line voltage with automatic voltage selection to match building services. 


Other APCO-X features include:

  • Newly designed ballast and UVC lamp configuration

  • Lifetime warranty and three-year UV lamp life

  • Rotatable polycarbonate housing with thumbscrews

  • Consumer oriented packaging helps contractors educate consumers about the benefits of UV disinfection and VOC elimination


How It Works

APCO® systems are installed in the central air system where they continuously remove airborne contaminants as they pass by. APCO® technology is based on a process called photocatalytic oxidation (similar to the catalytic converter on cars). Germicidal UV-C light reacts with titanium dioxide infused carbon cells; this neutralizes VOC contaminants, leaving only harmless water vapor and CO2. This process leaves the carbon cells clean so they never fill up or need to be replaced. The result is clean, odor-free air throughout the home.

Apco image 1.png

UV-C light, filtered out by the Earth’s atmosphere, sterilizes microbes which have no defense against it.

Apco image 2.png

Proven Effective

Test results from Airmid Healthgroup (an ISO 17025 accredited allergy testing laboratory) have proven the effectiveness of APCO technology.  The tests verified that the device has the capability to both sterilize microorganisms and reduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs). APCO titanium-dioxide infused activated carbon cells were shown to be “capable of reducing high concentrations” of VOCs commonly found in residential as well as commercial buildings, including hospitals, hotels, offices and schools.  

Inactivation results from testing performed on the ASHRAE Standard 52.2 test duct system:

  • Bacteria (S.epidermidis) – 98.85%

  • Virus (MS2 coliphage) – 99.03%

  • Mold (A.niger) – 78.8%

  • Odors (VOCs) – 99.9%

APCO ProvenEffectChart.png


***We CANNOT claim and are NOT claiming that the REME HALO, AIR SCRUBBER ADVANCED, APCO-X or any other air purifier kills the COVID-19 virus. This information we provide is to explain how these products CAN help us stay healthier.

**While these products have been proven to kill many deadly viruses, COVID-19 is to new and no claims are being made to suggest they will kill COVID-19. More studies need to be conducted.

**At Arctic Refrigeration Heating & Air, we believe, regardless of the novel Coronavirus,

it’s ALWAYS a good idea to keep the air you breathe, as clean & contaminant free

as possible and that is why we have an Air Scrubber in our home!

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