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Why do I need an Air Purifier

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The answer is simple....

Reduce environmental toxins and eliminate up to 99% of many airborne & surface contaminants!

Air purifiers play an important role in providing good air quality inside your home. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), is the quality of the air in a home or building as it relates to the health and comfort of the residents or occupants.

The most effective air purification devices are designed to treat all of the air in the home. For that reason, they typically use the central air and heating system’s ductwork to clean the air in every room.

**Studies have shown that a stand-alone room air purifier is not nearly as effective because of the low volume of air it can treat. A whole home air purifier cleans a much larger volume of air, so no matter what room you are in, the air is being cleaned constantly.

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What Air Purification System is best for me

The type of air purifier Arctic recommends to our customers is an air scrubber duct system. These leading brands have proven results AIR SCRUBBER ADVANCED by Aerus 


APCO-X Fresh-Aire UV

Of course, there are many options other than the AIR SCRUBBER ADVANCED, REME HALO & APCO-X Fresh-Aire UV. While not every air purifier can live up to the claims their company makes, these three have shown they can! 3rd-party clinical studies have demonstrated these devices kill viruses, bacteria and other environmental contaminants. Even dangerous contagions like MRSA & e-coli & more have been shown to be eradicated with an air purifier. We recommend home air purifiers because the technology is proven to destroy airborne & surface contaminants.

We recently installed Air Scrubber Advanced by Aerus in our own home. I chose Air Scrubber because I have installed many previously with very happy customers. We also like that Air Scrubber is Made in the USA. With that said, all 3 have stellar results and we are very confident in recommending any of the 3 we have listed.

Something to consider is ozone-producing or non-ozone-producing. Note: The Air Scrubber Advanced can be purchased either way (ozone or non-ozone). The Reme Halo produces small amounts of ozone (Reme Halo is "zero-ozone compliant", meaning it meets an ozone emission concentration limit of 0.050 parts per million), and APCO-X Fresh-Aire UV is certified “ozone-free. 

Certain amounts of Ozone are not recommended for people with certain lung diseases. Speak with your Dr if you have a lung disease or any breathing disorders, if you are considering an ozone producing model.

It’s important to state that none of the air purifiers we install provide 100% protection from every contaminant. However, they are 99% effective in destroying many deadly contaminants. Combined with clean ducts, good filtration and sealed ductwork, you and your family will have a cleaner & healthier home.

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***We CANNOT claim and are NOT claiming that the REME HALO, AIR SCRUBBER ADVANCED, APCO-X or any other air purifier kills the COVID-19 virus. This information we provide is to explain how these products CAN help us stay healthier.

**While these products have been proven to kill many deadly viruses, COVID-19 is to new and no claims are being made to suggest they will kill COVID-19. More studies need to be conducted.

**At Arctic Refrigeration Heating & Air, we believe, regardless of the novel Coronavirus,

it’s ALWAYS a good idea to keep the air you breathe, as clean & contaminant free

as possible and that is why we have an Air Scrubber in our home!

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